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Allergy Advice


Food Intolerance and Nut Allergies. 
We cater to those with Dairy, Egg & Nut Allergies. All of our cakes are naturally Egg Free, Dairy Free and Nut Free. Please note there are Eggs, Dairy and nuts on the premise but we take extra special care to minimize any possible chance of cross contamination by storing everything separately in separate fridges/cupboards as well as keeping such allergen foods in airtight containers.


 For those with an intolerance or an allergy to Soya or Rice, please speak to us directly to see discuss options available. Please note we are unable to offer Gluten Free options at this time. All of our products are Vegan and cruelty free. Please note our Edible Printed sheets contain Palm Kernal, so if you have an allergy to Palm Kernal please state this when ordering. 

We have been a fully Vegan Bakery since June 2020 so everything you see on our menu is Vegan.


At Say It With Cake T/A we pride ourselves on ensuring our cakes are cooked in a hygienic environment. All of our cakes are made at our HSE registered kitchen. 

HSE Number: 75849


Shelf Life
We do not add preservatives to any of our products. Our cakes should be consumed within 72 hours of collection\delivery and must be kept refrigerated.



Please note that a deposit is required to secure the booking date. The deposit in non refundable. 

You can place a deposit by visiting our Payments page

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